World class beer brewed right here in Iowa

The truth is, you can tell a lot about a man by what he keeps in his backpocket – a useful pocketknife, a lucky coin, a worn-out photo from an old love that has never died. Whatever it is, even if it wound up there by accident, there's a story behind it.

A story that probably won't come out until you're in the right place, talking to the right people, with the right beer in hand. German-inspired and hand-crafted right here in Iowa, there's a Backpocket Beer perfect for every person, every occasion and - most importantly - every story.

Interested in trying Backpocket beers at home? Order from a wide selection of Backpocket beers from John's Grocery and it will be delivered to wherever you would like (given that it is legal). Shop for our beers by clicking here. 

Core Beers

Our core beers consist of beers that speak volumes about the German traditions we uphold. We offer a beer for every palate, from a helles to a peated bock and everything in between.  These beers are available all year in our taproom, bars and restaurants across this great state, and in six packs at local grocery and convenience store.

Storied Series Beers

Our storied series beers are limited release high gravity beers, meaning they pack quite a punch. We consider these beers to be as "big" as the most over the top stories we tell.

Experimental Beers

Our experimental beers are the product of our brewers having fun. We let our brewers come up with recipes, make them, and see how they turn out. Some of these beers end up seasonal and storied beers while others are retired when we sell out of them. The best place to find these beers is at our taprooms.