2016-2017 Mug Club Memberships


2016-2017 Mug Club Memberships


2016-2017 Mug Club Memberships are for sale from August 7-September 1 only. Available mug numbers are available to choose from so choose the Mug number you would like from the pull down list.

Mug Club Perks include:

-Pint beers (16oz) are upgraded to your 24 oz mug for free! (That's 8 FREE ounces of beer!)
-$1 off every tulip beer (7% ABV or higher) but they are served in a tulip (we can transfer it to your mug)
-$1 off mug beers (Gold Coin, Slingshot, and Wooden Nickel)
-Monthly brewery and taproom updates so members are the first to know of new beer and fun events

Once a mug is purchased, it belongs to the member and they may take their mug home with them at the end of the year. Mugs cannot be shipped, you must pick them up from the taproom in July-August, 2017.

Support local, Iowa craft beer and purchase your Mug Club membership today!

Due to a processing fee, total price equal 41.99 for Mug Club memberships online. Thank you.

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