Coralville Taproom Mug Club

The Backpocket Mug Club is a fun and unique way for us to connect with Iowa craft beer fans and for craft beer fans to enjoy some pretty sweet perks at our Coralville Taproom!

Coralville Mug Club is an annually paid membership which offers members their very own 24 ounce handcrafted ceramic mug to drink from when they visit the taproom. That's right, nobody else will drink out of the mug but you! Mug Club Memberships are specific to each location and do not transfer

Here are the discounts 2016-2017 Mug Club members receive: 

  • Pint beers (16oz) are upgraded to your 24 oz mug for free! (That's 8 FREE ounces of beer!)
  • $1 off every tulip beers (6.25% ABV or higher) but they are served in a tulip (we can transfer it to your mug)
  • Monthly brewery and taproom updates so members are the first to know of new beer and fun events

Once a mug is purchased, it belongs to the member and they may take their mug home with them at the end of the mug club cycle.  We order brand new mugs for members for the beginning of each mug club cycle.

Last but not least, members get to belong to an exclusive club!  We have 300 Mug Club Memberships to sell and once we've sold out for the year, guests will have to wait until the next year to join!

Memberships for the 2016-2017 Mug Club went on sale to the general public on August 6th!  Memberships generally sell out so be sure to inquire about getting into the Mug Club!